PASAY CITY, PHILIPPINES— Jury Prize Winners of the contest: A Letter of Paul to People of Today- Sounds and AVPs to Celebrate the Centenary of the Pauline Family, 1914-2014 were awarded here at the Daughters of Saint Paul Auditorium on June 7, 2014, Feast Day of Mary Queen of Apostles.

The three declared winners who were awarded by Fr. Jose Aripio, SSP, Sr Noemi Vinoya, FSP, Sr. Rose de Guzman, SJBP and Sr. Graziella Aseberos, PDDM, are:

  1. "Pauline Family 100 years: A Retrospective" by Cl. Keiv Aires Dimatatac, SSP. Cl Dimatatac  says his three minute-work “an audio-visual production that recollects the beginnings of the Pauline family in St. Paul, the Apostle and in Alberione, Founder of the Pauline Family. This production transports us to our roots and re-“capture” our identity as Paulines presented through motion graphics, moving photos, clips, and animation.”
  2.  “The Secret” by Cl. Reymel Ramos, SSP. Cl. Ramos says, “The five-minute video production showcases the beauty of the Pauline Family. The testimonials coming from the different members of the Pauline Family unveil the secret of being a Pauline. And what’s the secret? It is the sense of being family which connects, unites and supports one another as it journeys 100 years and still counting in advancing the mission entrusted to them by Blessed James Alberione. 
  3. Sentenaryo” by the Formands of the Daughters of Saint Paul. Sentenaryo is a graphic animation of an original composition celebrating the joys and challenges of the 100 years of Pauline Charism. 

Before the awarding, all the entries were shown to the witnessing public.

The three outstanding entries won cash prizes (P7,670 each) and Top Jury Prize Certificates. These were also sent to the SSP General House in Rome for further exhibition. Other non winning entries as well as the jury (Fr. Ulysses Navarro, SSP, Sr. Vicky Navarro, SJBP, Sr Reajoy San Luis, FSP and Sr. Graziella Aseberos, PDDM)  were also recognized through  certificates and tokens of appreciation.