Makati City, Philippines—Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite, SSP of the Pauline Family’s Equipe of Pauline Spirituality will give a talk on “Abundates Divitiate Gratiae Suae” on November 27, 2011, Sunday afternoon when the Pauline Family in the Philippines celebrates together Blessed James Alberione’s Death Anniversary.

An echo of the talk given last October 24, 2011 at Makati City when the Provincial Governments of four circumscriptions of the Pauline Family in the Philippines held an Encounter, this will give a general picture of theme, Triennial Animation Journey, also thechosen theme of the encounter, as proposed by the General Governments so that the 2014 Centennary event be celebrated in a unitary way.

The Provincial governments comprised by the superiors: Sr. Brenda N. Balingasa, SJBP (Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd); Sr. Ma. Gemma Victorino, PDDM (Pious Disciples of the Divine Master); Sr. Yolanda Dionisio, FSP (Daughters of Saint Paul), and Fr. Jose Aripio, SSP (Society of Saint Paul and the Aggregated Institutes)  together with their counsellors, secretaries and bursars agreed in their discussion after the talk of Fr. Sobrejuanite to hold, in the next four years, activities at two levels: the Pauline Family common activity and the individual congregation’s initiatives starting with the revitalization of the Pauline Family’s Equipe of Pauline Spirituality and the echoing of Fr. Sobrejuanite’s talk on the Founder’s Day.

The provincial superiors have also agreed to follow closely the program mapped out by the Pauline Family Equipe and its implementation.

The encounter was a venue for the four provincial governments’ social interaction as it was capped by a sumptuous lunch prepared by the Pious Disciples of Divine Master in Makati City.