The Association of Pauline Formators (APF) in the Philippines meets twice a year and their second assembly was held on March 8-9, 2008 at the Casa San Pablo, a country inn in the heart of Laguna. There were 29 formators who attended: 11 IOLA/ISGA, 8 SSP, 4 FSP, 3 PDDM and 3 Pastorelle.

In view of the Pauline Year 2008-2009, the APF invited Sr. Bernardita Dianzon, FSP to elucidate a theme from Saint Paul. She spoke about the Christian conformity with Christ, the New Adam, and the need to feel incorporated into the body of Christ. Sr. Bernie’s talk was well appreciated and made the audience long to hear more about the Apostle.
The assembly also listened to Fr. Gil Alinsangan as he presented the various initiatives of the Pauline Family during the Jubilee of the Apostle. They offered some suggestions to the Committee on the Pauline Year headed by Fr. Gil. They then resolved to help disseminate information about the Jubilee and come out with projects they could do individually and in groups. They also welcomed the plan to have a common retreat on St. Paul for Pauline Family members next year.
At the end of the two-day assembly, the APF Coordinator Fr. Alan Gamutan thanked those responsible for making the event possible. The Executive Council he headed was most active. The Pastorelle Sisters were responsible for arranging the use of the venue, a wonderful place with touches of artistry everywhere. The Paulines really enjoyed the place and the hospitality offered by the owner and executive officer of Casa San Pablo: Mr. Boots Alcantara.