Vicar General Fr. Vito Fracchiolla and Councilor General Fr. Celso Godilano came to the Philippines for the Verification Visit, a year after the 7th Provincial Chapter. The visit took place last August 19-26, 2016. Fr. Celso substituted for Bro. Darlei Zanon who had to attend to the funeral of his father in Brazil. 

In his letter of presentation, Superior General Fr. Valdir Jose De Castro refers to the SSP Constitutions that affirm that “every visit shall have a preeminently pastoral character, and must be considered as a moment that is strong, useful and necessary for the renewal of the circumscriptions”. He adds: “I trust that this visit may also be a propitious occasion to strengthen the bonds of fraternity and your Circumscription and the General Government, thanks to which that exchange of good that enriches us all may circulate ever more abundantly.”

In the afternoon of August 20, the 102nd anniversary of the SSP foundation, there was a Eucharistic celebration at the St. Paul Sanctuary to which members of the Pauline Family were invited. Main celebrant and homist was Fr. Ramon Manalo, SSP who came from Macau to attend the annual retreat and the Provincial Assembly.

The Visitators visited some of the communities to meet with different groups: St. Paul Seminary in Silang to speak with the aspirants, and St. Paul Novitiate in Pampanga to meet with the Novices. They also encountered the Juniors in Makati. Meeting with the members from the Visayas and Mindanao took place in Cebu City on August 21. They also had a dialogue with the Makati Community on August 24.

Aside from a series of meetings with the Provincial Council, they also met with the Team for Vocation Promotion and Formation, and the Team for Apostolate and Administration. They visited the ST PAULS bookstores and Our Lady of Sorrows Parish.

Lastly, they were introduced to the candidates of the Association of Pauline Cooperators attached to the SSP. Before his departure, the Vicar General had a dialogue with Fr. Gil Alinsangan, Provincial Delegate of the Aggregated Institutes, and Ms. Maricon Santos, IMSA Coordinator.


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