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Fourth year seminarians of Saint Paul Seminary (SPS)  successfully defended their thesis proposals last September 17, Sunday before Dr. Mark Edwin Aspra, Dr. Rica Ancheta, and Rev. Dr. Norman Melchor R. Peña, SSP.

The thesis proposal defense started at around 8:00 am with an opening prayer led by Sem. Jan Gerone Baladhay. The Opening Remarks immediately followed where Mr. Rodolfo Bagay, the Research Instructor, emphasized that proposal defense merely serves to help the researchers by “steering” them to the “right track.” After Mr. Bagay gave a few guidelines to the panelists, the defense proper started, with Sem. Lorenzo Bandillon being the first among the seniors to defend his thesis proposal. Fray Johnbhe Neduaza, TC, the last thesis proposal defender, finished at around 6:00 pm.
The approved thesis proposals were as follows:

1. BALADHAY, JAN GERONE (SSP) – Phenomenology of Silence
2. BANDILLON, LORENZO (SSP) – An analysis of the Black Nazarene through Mercado’s Sakop Philosophy
3. BARREDO, JAN DOMINIC (SSP) – Application of the concept of Aquinas and Alberione in the Social Media
4. BLASCO, LEOMAR (SSP) – On New Feminism in Alberionian Concept of Woman
5. GEPILGA, JOHN ARBIE (SSP) – Applying Michel Foucalt’s Power-Discourse in Social Media to iEvangelization
6. ENEBRAD, CHRISTIAN EDWARD (SSP) – An analysis of pre-marital sex in the light of Karol Wojtyla’s Theology of the Body
7. LEAÑO, EUGENE ISAAC (SSP) – The Christian Elements in Nietzsche’s Ubermensch
8. FAZ, CHARLES (MSFS) – A Comparative Study of Kierkegaard and St. Bonaventure on understanding the concept of faith
9. BERDIDA, JESON LY (MSFS) – An analysis of Gramsci’s Cultural Hegemony
10. ORLAN, CHRISTIAN (MSFS) – Christian and Heideggerian Concept of Death: An analysis
11. DOMINGO, ORLAN (MSFS) – Martin Buber’s I and Thou: A proposed response to the problem of infidelity.
12. GALGO, PUPPYRT (EXTERN) – Multiculturalism in religious life in the light of Karol Wojtyla’s Person and Act.
13. NEDUAZA, JOHNBHE (TC) – An analysis of the freedom in virtual games in the light of Nikolai Berdyaev’s Personalism.