In early December 2017, two Advent recollections were held in the Alberione Hall in SSP Makati.  The first was Advent with ST. PAUL with Fr. Gil Alinsangan as speaker. This recollection, done in the morning of December 2, was the last of the year long COMMUNIOLectures organized by the ST. PAUL Bible Ministry for the Year of the Parish.

Fr. Gil, live via FB, shared that as St. Paul’s focus was on the risen and glorius Christ, his Advent story centered on Jesus’ Kenosis, his emptying of his divinity and taking the form of our lowly humanity.

Many in the audience came from parishes in Metro Manila ( Sacred Heart of Jesus, Hari ng mga Hari, The Risen Lord and Hesus Nazareno Parishes). At the end of the recollection, Bro. Hansel Mapayo gave the Certificate of Attendance to those who attended several lectures of the series as well as to the Lectio Divina group that attended the Bible Reading Marathon last September 2017.